wedding celebration and officiant speeches

D & J :

Meeting people and even the most precious people who will change completely our life could be called 'chance'. In this vast galaxy, where everything pasts so fast, we could also call it fate !

Einstein, the master of the theory of relativity, and above all suspicion not having studied the factor Chance, said that Chance is God walking incognito.

So how did you chance upon one another in this vast, varied and changing world ?

Two years ago, by the most amazing twist of fate, D., while you are flying to Thailand, you decide to stop in Dubai to celebrate your birthday, and you can say today what was your most precious gift !

Because this special day, you met J. thanks to your friend Jonathan who invited you for a dinner with some other friends like Justin and...J. !

This day was like a journey … walking here and there, moving from one bar to another until a very little incident has struck you as hilarious .

When, you and yours friends, passed a children play ground, J. tried to climb along the climbing frame, and at this very moment you thought He is trying to show off ! And then, J. hurted himself … yes, falling in love could be dangerous some times !

Going back to London, going back to the daily routine, dear D., you … maybe … thought often of this young and joyfull frenchy guy ! Maybe you laughed alone while waiting for your tube and remembered Julien's fall... but this time it was your turn to fall ... in love.

And as Big Will says Parting is such sweet sorrow

six months later, you go back to Dubaï !


But let's not linger too long for our dear French relatives and friends who are impatient to know the next moves of your love-affair.



E. & L.

(...) Anyhow, in the end you understood when you opened the little box with your engagement ring he designed himself after your instructions and according to your good taste for design. A ring that promised your future with L. the Ring, the symbol of eternity ! It couldn't be more perfect ! And E., as you told me, you said immediately YES,  feeling that you were ready for that full commitment too  !


So L., when Cupid is at work, difficult to calm him down, and the best and most difficult race you ever  accomplished, was to win the heart of your lovely and beloved E., and nothing could stop you. 

I can imagine you wished to impress  E. even more by inviting Anthony Bourdain to have dinner with both of you in your favorite « Pistenklause restaurant » after the proposal, but you told her Anthony unfortunately was not free that night !