Your Wedding Celebrant in Burgundy, in Paris or anywhere else !

Which one of you both has first brought up the idea ?

It was on the ocean front, sitting in the sand, side by side ; it was while hiding in the attic of your childhood  house; or perhaps in this special restaurant when dessert was served ; or in the airplane between New-York and Paris during hectic turbulences!

One thing for sure, on that very moment it was just the two of you.

And very rapidly, images passed  your minds, images like in a dream…the laughings in a garden, some brother or sister taking you by the arm, a hand on the shoulder of  a grandparent, friends smiling and children playing with coloured ribans in their hair. 

All the people you love and those who love you were together at that very moment.

You weren’t alone anymore. Not only your own intimacy.

Your marriage flashes through  your mind. 

And thinking about this particular journey to the Town Hall  you saw romance and empathy were missing, that your wedding was much more than a signing of paperwork or an administrative handling. 

And than you thought of a real celebration, a real wedding ceremony  with exchange of rings, the witnesses speaking from the heart, and your vows in front of all the people you love in stead of the Mayor or clerk.

You imagined how your dream celebration has to be..

... like Celebrantissimo with their 'Officiant de cérémonie laïque bilingue' could do it for you !


What is better than testimonies of the newlyweds for whom we were happy to create their wedding ceremony  and maybe to tempt you as well for a bespoke ceremony at your image with Celebrantissimo.