Your wedding bilingual celebrants in France



Why did I decide to become a bilingual celebrant in France ? 

Because I did it so many times, write, making laugh, create emotion…that I decided to make it my profession. I 'm very proud to be now a wedding celebrant in France of course !

One could simply summarize that a celebrant is somehow a storyteller who knows exactly how to capture the emotion and feelings of a couple, and according to their wishes,  crafts a complete personalized ceremony. This in front of family, friends and guests.

It’s a balanced and delicate way of making public what is private without loosing the respect of a discrete intimacy of a loving couple. And including also each past of the new couple. 

I am the interpreter of that « passage », full of symbols and humour. 

Without a glimpse of love, writing a story is impossible. For that, I’m also part of your story, just for one moment on that particular day, but also all the moments we share to write and prepare your ceremony.

Born in Flanders, I grew up on the crossroads of different cultures, and I believe to be open-minded, which is of course a basic element of a good celebrant.

Public speaking, conferences, and performing has been a part of my previous careers like touristic multi-lingual guide, commercial and sales manager on the international scene… and the writing of scripts or stories as an editor for a Flemish publishing house. 

 All qualities needed to become a celebrant. All qualities you will find with Celebrantissimo ! 

 I share almost twenty years with Emmanuelle, my wife, and the humour, literature and culture in general have always been in the centre of our relationship.  Travelling, meeting other people and cultures or all kind of religions is part of our lives.

Being multi-lingual, no need to have a translator-interpreter, I can celebrate in the language you prefer : French, Dutch, English, Italian, Spanish or German .



I believe I am well suited to be part of this wonderful journey as  I got to be trained as an actress by Françoise Kanel of « La Comédie française » in Paris and by Jacqueline Duc (also from la Comédie française) and teacher of « Le Centre du Marais ».

The theatre companies for which I wrote plays, like the company of the National Library of France, continued their dreams on the stage, while I went back to the benches of the Sorbonne 3 to study theatre and literature. In the meanwhile, as a communication assistant, I worked for a lot of enterprises in the large Parisian area.

Writing has accompanied me during my whole life, and even when I interrupted my career to travel throughout a lot of European countries and study the physiognomy of gardens and countrysides, I took my writing with me.

When I came back to France, I spend even more time to finish new plays and got my first novel « Le Tango de la valseuse » published late 2014.

Becoming a celebrant imposed itself on me in a rather natural way. Having been used to perform in public and writing love stories is an important part of myself.

My desire is to share those moments with a all the young or eldery lovers, to help them express their feelings on paper by inventing this unique moment for their ceremony.

It would also be a pleasure and delight for me to celebrate your wedding in your beautiful English language.

 For those who want to discover my style of writing in different ways, consult on my theater blog « ecrirepourletheatre » where you find articles, extracts of plays I wrote  and even my website of the novel « letangodelavalseuse »