Your wedding ceremony in France

 Your wedding officiant in France ...


... will create you a customised ceremony.

Like a tailor-made suit, your ceremony has to fit you both. That's why we create you 

One of the important key moments of the celebration is the messages that are exchanged. 

During the first encounter, our intend is to get to know each other, to understand you both and your feelings and thoughts. Writing your personal love story requires a lot of confidence and getting to know each other well is key. 

When you decide to choose one of us as your celebrant, if the distance is not a hurdle, we can talk and meet several times face to face, or use our voices over Skype, Google hangout, or simply on the phone. All the means of communication these days have simplified the exchange of thoughts, feelings and stories. We accompany also the witnesses in their writing if they prefer.

We propose different lists of questions to complete the whole picture before you start putting things on paper or in the PC.

Then it’s up to us to write you the ceremony of your dreams, and propose a big range of ideas and emotions like the painter shows the colours on his palette. Our experience shows that a light sense of humour is always welcome. We help and guide you to write your vows if you prefer, and propose your speakers help it needed.


This ceremony is like a journey of emotions and feelings condensed in  35 minutes ( to one hour) in an unique chosen venue. 


The whole celebration process and it’s symbols are : ing the guests, guiding the witnesses, entrance of the groom and bride, ceremony speech,  a ritual, exchange of the vows and rings and closing the ceremony by declaring you a couple.

Your bespoke and customised ceremony … everywhere in France .... Burgundy .... Paris... Provence !