What is Your Bilingual Ceremony ?

The secular celebration or symbolic ceremony ...

…is a ceremony of engagement and has no legal basis, but respects all the symbolic steps of a wedding. It is your personal ceremony that  follows the legal signing at the council administration.

Therefore, it is a completely personalized non-religious wedding with all the rituals you decide to include. It is not bounded by restrictions, can take place wherever you want… a vineyard, a beach, in a large garden under a magic old tree, in a castle or in a simple  barn. 

This ceremony will remain in the memories of  your parents, friends, guests, witnesses. It’s sharing your vows, it’s taking the blessing of the witnesses and parents, listening to the music you both love, in the place you want it to be. It’s the engaging part, the symbolic gesture of a big day of happiness, joy and sharing.

In all cultures, the wedding ceremony has his importance as a transcendant ritual : it’s two individuals that become a couple, and this is much more than the addition of two persons.

Persons of  different cultures, religions, or sexual preferences find themselves in this secular celebration that gives all the symbolic values to their union.

And that’s where your celebrant of Celebrantissimo intervenes.